Ford 2018 Expedition Review, Changing Design, Specification, Price List

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2018 Ford Expedition Specs

This car’s production company starts to release the next generation of long and big SUV series with Ford 2018 Expedition. This model car has been known as big SUV that comes with classic and conservative model. Firstly being introduced in 1990, now this is the time for the new generation to be settled up. This car will have several model and versions that come with optional engine system. Because of long waiting upgraded version, this car will have several developments and mostly in many parts including the designs and the engine system.

2018 Ford Expedition Engine

2018 Expedition Changing Designs

Unlike the old version, the new version will have upgraded material body that looks stronger and durable. This car that has been created with 2018 navigator system will come with aluminum material for intensive architecture. This claims loss weights that influence to the car’s performance. The aluminum body design makes lighter weight up to 300 pounds. Good news is the body frame that will have bigger size. It means the interior will have more spacious room.

2018 Ford Expedition Exterior

The car that will likely be sold around $48.000 will have several hi-tech systems in the interior’s technology system. The upgraded infotainment like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto CarPlay are available. The Wi-Fi hotspot that can reach for 50 foot will be paired. The USB ports, wirelesses device charging are other items that makes the interior’s technology features becomes even more attractive and rich. Ford Expedition’s infotainment feat like the audio system made from Bang&Olufsen gives a new vibe.

2018 Ford Expedition Interior

2018 Expedition Specifications

2018 Expedition will use different engine system. It is 3.5L and V6 system that can load more horsepower. The horsepower will be around 375 hp at 5000 rpm while the 470 lb-ft at 3500 rpm. The EcoBoost technology system completes the performance. It can be seen that 2018 Ford Expedition towing capability will touch higher number as well. In other side, this car will have several safety technology systems. Then new driver assists is available as well. The driving assist tech comes as optional. It will have great and balance maneuvering.

2018 Ford Expedition Review

Thus this Ford car will be easy to drive in the curving or slippery road. The addition of 360-degree camera makes a good help. Then the parking sensor that comes with trailer backup assist makes a great point. Other thing is the lane-keeping assist that helps the driver to drive and handle the car better and more comfortable. The adaptive cruise control gives another help. Then pre-collision warning that comes with automatic braking will be added. Meanwhile the blind spot monitoring may also available for this type. Definitely buyers should wait a little more for the upcoming release.

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