2018 Ford Torino New Look, Specs and Release Date

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2018 Ford Torino Specs

One of the most wanted new product from Ford is 2018 Torino. This new car includes in speed car class, which will renew the sense of your journey. As the one of the great auto manufacture, Ford never stops creating great products to pleasant their customers. The new Ford Torino will be nice choice with the combination of look and greater performance. Here, we will deliver some matters about the updated 2017 Ford Torino GT specs, which you can use it for consideration. See some details of Ford Torino below.

2018 Ford Torino Engine

2018 Ford Torino Exterior Look

What make the new 2018 Torino special is the new look of it. The new look of the body will give the first impression when you are seeing it. The new Ford Torino uses combination of aluminum and carbon as the basic material. The basic material increases the metallic accent of body and make it lighter. The body of 2018 Torino has special colors. Some choices occur with gradation coloring style. In other hand, new 2018 Torino has sharper headlight to increase its lighting.

2018 Ford Torino Exterior

2018 Ford Torino Interior View

The new Ford Torino applies the coupe style. The coupe style makes 2018 Torino only has two seats inside the car. Based on the new Ford Torino hoax, the seats inside car come with high-quality leather to increase its comfortable sense. Besides, each seat has new headrest and safety belt. About the interior features, the new Ford Torino has complete features. The dashboard now comes with soft look and 2018 Torino has new LCD technology. The technology shows the Bluetooth, entertainment tool, and some other features better.

2018 Ford Torino Interior

Ford Torino Engine Specs

Inside the hood, Ford is special with its new 5.0L V8 engine. The new engine is very special because it makes 2018 Torino more powerful and greater. The base engine of the Ford Torino is able to reach up to 443 horsepower. The great power shows that new 2018 Torino is better than the 2017 Ford Thunderbird in detail engine. Besides, turbocharged technology inside the engine increase its acceleration and provide smooth speed.

2018 Ford Torino Review

2018 Ford Torino Price and Release Date

The 2018 Torino is predicted will come to the market around the end of this year. About the price of it, we assume that the base price of new Ford Torino is around $40,000. Prepare yourself to be first buyer of it.

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