2018 Ford Taurus: Engine Specification and Exterior Change

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2018 Ford Taurus Specs

When it was released at the very first time in 2010, it has gotten a lot of critics. The overwhelming majority of the complaints are the bad interior, the weight, and the fuel. To turn back the drawbacks, 2018 Ford Taurus comes to heal the fan’s dissatisfaction. The detail is completely redesigned by considering the platform and the downsized of the engine quality.

2018 Ford Taurus Engine

2018 Ford Taurus Exterior look

The remarkable change of the exterior, the rumors point out that 2018 Ford Taurus has a facelift. This is the new thing when it was redesigned from 2013. Another aspect can be the front and rare headlights, grille, and bumpers. After using the LED, it will be much wider to light he road. Moreover, the shape is following the line of the hood which is sharper. Beneath this light, there are the fog lamps.

2018 Ford Taurus Exterior

They are used to sign the other car and help the vision farther. The bumper looks more aggressive and it will cover the half circle of the front and rare parts. At the same time, the fenders and grilles are remodeled with the similar shape and colors. In detail, the rare will use the permanent spoiler as like as previous-generation Taurus.

2018 Ford Taurus Interior

Taurus car predicted that it will have the minor trims. In contrast, this is the best decision that should do to fits with their new system. Especially, the change will impact to the infotainment, the upholstery materials, and the configuration system. 2018 Ford Taurus release date until know remain unknown since the manufactures wants to keep the progress without any disturbs. However, it is expected that this new beast will release soon after the next year.

2018 Ford Taurus Review

2018 Ford Taurus Engine specifications

Alike 2018 Ford Taurus interior gets an enhancement. As well, the engine is remade with surprising information. In recent years, the development of the engine in this type does not show a significant improvement. In contrast, it is proof wrong when it comes with 3.5 liter of natural aspirated V-6. This engine is as the same as with the displacement SHO modification. This quality is expected to generate the power into 240 HP.

Also, Ford Taurus can accelerate 0 to 60 within 6 seconds. Another options, some believe that Ford will take 2.0 liter empowered by Eco boost. This one is much powerful and possible to produce 300 HP. The V6 will be available exclusively for fleet and taxi cabs. In between, less powerful turbocharged V6 could be available, producing around 300 HP.

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