2018 Ford Fiesta, Redesign, Specs, Release Date

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2018 Ford Fiesta Specs

Ford, American vehicle automaker, has been produced various high class car like 2018 Ford Fiesta. This year, joining mini car market, this latest car is being produced and ready to be offered in the market. Becomes the 7th generation in the subcompact car’s model, this car will have several new sides starting body design, interior and exterior, new engine system, and features.

2018 Ford Fiesta Engine

2018 Fiesta Redesign

The rumor that is blooming says that this car may be introduced in this in the United States. It seems that this car will have various new styles. Definitely, 2018 Fiesta redesign is done in several parts. This car probably will have more spacious body size with more intuitive infotainment features, including attractive interior. The car may come with new model, combines with soft-roader, and called as sporty ST. The interior seems gets major renewed like in the dashboard that likely will have soft-touching with premium materials, the high quality leather possibility exist too.

2018 Ford Fiesta Exterior

2018 Fiesta is not just ordinary sub middle car since this car will still be added with various infotainment and entertainment. Display with clear and obvious screen is available in a large size. The hi-tech features are included Synch 3 infotainment system and B&O PLAY sound system. It seems that the features will rich with many beneficial items for comfortably driving. Meanwhile the exterior will be coolly glamorous with upgraded parts, noted headlamps, tail lights, and fog lights, will come with LED super eye lights.

2018 Ford Fiesta Interior

2018 Fiesta Specifications

2018 Ford will come with new engine system that improving high performance. It uses turbocharged inline-3 with cylinder deactivation. These three cylinders give benefits for driver like lowering load the engine in which makes it looks like switching it off a while among cylinders. This can happen if driver stops the operation of the valve’s car. This car will be fuel vehicle car. Unique thing exist from this new version is the control of engine cylinder system that can be engage and disengage only 14 millisecond.

2018 Ford Fiesta Review

2018 Ford Fiesta sedan will produce high performance with tactful action. The designs will be drawn beautifully and efficiently as it can decrease the usage of the fuel up to 6 percent. It means this car will be an efficient car to run in the road. Seeing high premium performance of this car, it will be perfect with various driver assistance technologies and safety driver. Several features that will surely be added there are forward collisions warning system that comes with pedestrian detection, this can be really good news for city car model.

Other features are active parallel with perpendicular easy parking system, auto high beams and rear cross traffic alert is exist as well with traffic sign recognition. All of this can help the driver to drive safer. The car which will be sold in Europe market will have certain items that are only exist in the Europe model. However, there is still possibility for this car to come to USA. This car which seems will use 1.6 liter l4 with V8 engine system will be a good city car option since Ford Fiesta is really made well.

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