2018 Ford Escape: Exterior, Interior, and Machine Specs

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2018 Ford Escape Specs

The most significant item in 2018 Ford escape that interest audiences at the first sight is the front part. This is different from the future car which has a huge grille, it is the opposite. It shows the simplicity at the design, but it enhances the performances and the efficiency of aerodynamic. This grille makes the Ford’s logo is only small, but it is easy to recognize. This expresses the younger style and aggressive indeed. Alike the main grille, the headlights are much narrower, but they still use the LED to allow the vision clearer.

2018 Ford Escape Engine

2018 Ford Escape Exterior

At the same time, beneath those items, the other grilles are separated into three things in 2018escape. They are functioned to help to stabilize the position of the car when it is on the high speed. The down force will be produced by the air flow which is directly going to the base part. For the roof and line, they are smooth alike previous generation in its level. There is not much change in this part as well as the rare part. For 2018 Ford escape color, it is not available yet.

2018 Ford Escape Exterior

2018 Ford Escape Interior

There will be a huge gap if we compare 2018 Ford escape interior with the previous edition. Starting at the infotainment, 2018 Escape is upgraded with latest look of crossover cabin. This will be fits for 5 passengers with leather seats. As well as the exterior design which is much more elegant, the interior is made more colorful. This can be seen from the improvements of the alarms, the rare camera view, and parking sensor.

2018 Ford Escape Interior

The other thing, 2018 Ford escape concept is the synchronizing system. This will allow the driver hanging and picking the cell phone wireless. In this recent month, the information of the engine is still unclear. There are some possibilities to apply the engine. At list, there are two optional choices mirrored by the same level of the current vehicle.

2018 Ford Escape Review

2018 Ford Escape engine specification

First, Ford Escape must have used 1.6 liter with four-banger. This engine will support the car to produce the output power into 180 HP including 190 lb-ft torque rotations. This is matted with six-speed transmission to the unit and the front wheel only. The same method will be used by the different engine as second choice. This is 3.5 EcoBoost and it will impact a lot in the speed increase. However, the gossip is suggested that this choice will be replaced by 1.6 liter.

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