2017 Ford Mustang Review, Powertrain, Designs, Price

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2017 Ford Mustang Specs

Sedan car that comes with super speed and huge towing and horsepower made by high premium-car company is 2017 Ford Mustang. This four seats car that will likely offer around $24.000 will have powerful engine system and bold design that more than sporty. This car will be available with various engine systems, apparently four engines. The design gives bold performance with more exploring hi-tech. This car will have upgraded powertrain, new exterior side, and totally smart technology.

2017 Ford Mustang Engine

2017 Ford Mustang Powertrain

This car will come with various engine systems including 2.3 L EcoBoost, 5.0L GT, 3.7L and V6 engine system, then Shelby GT350. Each of the engine machines is made for different model car including 2017 Ford Mustang Coupe. This car with Brembo, a new trademark, will give and support the performance to the maximum result. This car will be collaborated with smart tires that can be changed due to the weather season. It recommended tires are the all season and the snow tires. However there summer tires that is available as well. The technology system with MagneRide Damping system makes a good finishing.

2017 Ford Mustang Exterior

2017 Ford Mustang Designs

This Mustang is made with totally various model designs. The optional designs consist of 10 models with different engine system. The models’ names are EcoBoost Fastback and the last one is Shelby GT350R. This car will have more precise handling that comes with more controllable system. The driving becomes even more responsive.

2017 Ford Mustang Interior

Then the exterior designs look premium. The upgraded technology attests the car’s performance. This car will have new grille and chrome wheels. The headlamps are also new. The colors that are available for it are white, yellow, blue, red, black, silver, and more. 2017 Mustang2017 Ford shows great rating of EPA. The model car looks special especially for the Shelby model that has quite different designs than other model while Mustang GT premium has same design with the convertible one.

2017 Ford Mustang Review

2017 Ford Mustang Price

The price for Ford Mustang has been announced and every model has different price. The cheap price starts from $25.000 to the expensive one around $62.000. Completely the price models are $26.000 for EcoBoost FastBack, around $30.000 for the V6 Convertible, then $31.000 for EcoBoost Premium FastBack, $33.000 for GT FastBack. Then EcoBoost Premium Convertible will be around $35.000, GT Premium FastBack comes around rather expensive with $37.000. The GT Premium Convertible is priced around $42.000 and the Shelby GT350 for $54.000. The last one is Shelby GT350R for $62.000.

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