2017 Ford Bronco Review, Engine Specs, Redesigns, Price List

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2017 Ford Bronco Specs

A type of midsize 4×4 SUV-car that is made with high quality material and performance and ready to be waited for a comeback is 2017 Ford Bronco. This SUV car with 4x4model has become favorites for years and now that there will be the new version really gives a happy surprise. This car will definitely have new designs exterior. The interior will also get upgrade with new technology system. This car is rumored to be made and produced in Michigan Assembly Plants. We can anticipate for the best speed and performance of this car soon.

2017 Ford Bronco Engine

2017 Ford Bronco Engine Specs

2017 Bronco official engine has yet announced but there is a rumor that this car will be available with three engine models. Of course we can expect for this car to run in a powerful speed and horsepower. The engine and transmission that will be used is 2.0L EcoBoost with 6 speed manual transmission, 3.7L with V6 engine system with 6-speed automatic system, and the last one is 3.2L with engine diesel that comes with 8-speed automatic system. The result of the horsepower and torque is also different starting from 245 hp with 275 lb-ft, 320 hp with 350 lb-ft, and 200 hp with around 245 lb-ft.

2017 Ford Bronco Exterior

2017 Ford Bronco Redesigns

Bronco will have new designs and face but it does not mean that the performance becomes lower. Instead of reducing power, the Ford Bronco new will have force strong design with tough shape. This car will have new headlamps that come with LED model. The grille will be different in model and material and the wheels will totally bigger. This car shows the speed performance staying in satisfying number that 8-10 second in 105 to 120 mph. In other side, the technology with modern infotainment and the spectacular items are being added with new driving assist and new safety system.

2017 Ford Bronco Interior

2017 Ford Bronco Price List

Ford Bronco release date has not announced yet many people have been expectedly waited for the coming of the new Ford Bronco. The five seats SUV with compatible body frame, modern luxurious exterior, and enchanted smart technology interior makes a good record for the new generation series. This vehicle that comes with three different model engines also gives more optional for the buyers to choose the right and proper one for them. There is no official info about the price but we can look at the Explorer’s price and assume that this car likely offer at $33.000 less or more.

2017 Ford Bronco Review

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